About our German Cousin, Scribble

Scribble is our German dog cousin, a boxer. She lives with her parents, and because her dad is my dad's brother, we see each other almost every weekend and she gets to stay with us if they have to leave town. 
Joules went with Scribble's pawrents to pick her up as a puppy. Because of her presence, Joules became a surrogate mommy to puppy Scribble. Scribble LOVES Joules and she would do anything to sleep next to/on Joules just to be close to her, even to this day. Scribble shows her affection mostly by "playing" with Joules: first trapping her with her own taller legs, then nibbling Joules' legs, beard, ears, etc. Joules shows her affection by letting Scribble do this to her for 10 minutes before baring her teeth at her. 
Prescott "tolerates" Scribble by letting her come close, but if she is too playful he will yip at her and she'll scamper off, always encouraged that this is a sign he finally wants to play! Sometimes he will sleep near her, but in general, he is a bit intimidated by Scribble's enthusiasm and lack of respect for his personal space. LOL. 

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