About Us Schnauzers

Joules and Prescott are two miniature schnauzers living the charmed life in San Francisco. Joules was rescued first, and was painfully shy but very sweet once she got to know us. We thought it was so funny how she acts so aloof like a typical schnauzer, staying in her spot in the dining room by the heater even when everyone else is in the living room having a blast. Prescott was rescued 8 months later from a different rescue organization. He had an opposite personality right off the bat: he follows you around the house, always wanting to know what you're doing and trying to get in your lap, or, at the least, petted or belly scratched. Unexpectedly, Joules opened up with Prescott around as her mate, no longer cowering behind us and often joining us in the living room and office now if that is where we all are. 

Together Joules and Prescott spend their days chasing the sunny spots around in the house to nap in and looking cute in case there are any treats (carrots or apple chunks are loved as much as jerky!) being doled out. On the weekends we all go to the beach a few blocks away and chase birds. 

The name "Fear the Beards" is in reference to Brian Wilson, the closing pitcher (currently on the DL) of our home baseball team, the San Francisco Giants! 


  1. So pleased we found each others blogs, looking forward to hearing all about your lives in San Francisco, Susie-Belle and Renae send lots of schnuggles over from England xx

  2. Schnauzers in San Fran, this is everything I want in a blog! My little Stevie Nicks is often mistaken for being part Schnauzer but she's a yorkie/jack russell mix (as far as we know...) Me and my hubby honeymooned in S.F so lovely to see your photos xx