Thursday, June 14, 2012


A dog pile.
Look at how Prescott tries to see why I'm calling Joules, just in case it's to give out treats.


  1. Hello Prescott & Joules nice to meet new friends. Thanks for joining my blog. Gosh you are new to bloggieville. I am going to try and send some friends your way.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. I put you blog site at the end of my post right now, hopefully friends will come over.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. Well hello there, our good buddy Sweet Williams sent us, always gald to meet new furends, Prescott & Joules whos guys look like party dudes. Get the fruends Join thingy on you blog site. Get out and visit us, we are new also, been blogging since the middle of April, Bloggville is a fun place, always some contest going on.

    Susie & Sidebite

    Pees; if yous don't know the first Blogville Olympics are a coming, you can get details from us, and check out our Blogs we follow for links to Frankie & Earnest, The Mayor of Blogville and he has a lot of the events listed, IF WILL BE FUN!

  4. Hi Guys! We love to meet new furiends and we're so hap-pee to meet you. Sweet William sent us!

    Wishin you a great big WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE! We'll be back to visit you again.

    Amber DaWeenie and the pack!